It is not uncommon to have Advertisements of interest interlaced
throughout a Website's pages. Ads are customary and necessary
in order to offset some of the costs involved in launching and
maintaining a Website of this size and magnitude. However, Indy
Owl will not allow any advertisements to be placed within it's domain
unless the party placing the advertisement is know to be a
reputable supplier of goods and services at a reasonable and/or
discounted price.

If, initially, a particular advertiser is commonly believed to be 'trust
worthy' they will be contracted and  allowed to discreetly promote
their goods and services on the Indy Owl Website. However, if at a
later date the advertiser in question breaches this trust, in any way,
their participation within the confines of the Indy Owl domain will be
If anyone who visits the Indy Owl Website should encounter any
advertiser who, in any way, detracts from the on-going enjoyment
of visiting the site,  please click on a 'Contact Us' button and let us
know. 'Contact Us' buttons are located on
the bottom of every page.

If any visitors are looking to sell individual items such; as crafts,
antiques, 'second time around' items, etc. Indy Owl will have a
section of the site set aside for communicating with individuals
interested in potentially purchasing such items. This portion of the
Site, ('BUY & SELL'), is, for lack of a better phrase, an
online/localized 'EBay'. This section of the 'site' will be available

If any individual and/or company wishes to place a free standing
advertisement on one or more of the Indy Owl pages contact us by
clicking on any 'Contact Us' buttons found at the bottom of each
page. Send us your contact information and we will get back to you
as soon as possible

If any additional information is deemed necessary and/or desired  
do not hesitate to contact us.  

Thank You...   
Indy Owl
Occasionally information is asked for or required on certain
Websites. It is important that one knows what is to become of ANY
information extended before one entrust any information to a
given site so one may decide whether or not  to provide
information to them at all. Subsequently, Indy Owl feels a need to
declare our position on this matter.

First, there are basically two types of information one can place
on the Interne

  • Personal  - i.e.  Address, phone numbers, social security
    number, date of birth, credit card account numbers, and

  • Non-Personal would cover any information that you freely
    put into the pubic domain. This would include any
    information that you put on social sites such as Facebook
    or other such sites, i.e. your name, all or part of your date
    of birth, family and friend connections, email contact
    information, opinions, comments, etc.

    Personal or business checking account numbers are,
    although personal to you, have your account number
    printed on the face of every check you hand out to the
    grocery store, to the kid that mows your lawn, to the guy
    that fixes your car and a hundred other places. So,
    although personal in nature we all have been putting our
    checks, (and the information they possess), in the public
    domain for years. The reason for this is we all have a
    'reasonable expectation', (trust), that our banks will  
    monitor  and scrutinize our accounts to protect our assets.
    And, most all do.

    Although many of the Non-Personal items seem personal in
    nature, they are easily accumulated by anyone who wishes
    to do so. In most case, you yourself have freely provided it
    to the general pubic. Even so, one would like to have a
    'reasonable expectation', that no information will be
    delegated to another unknown sources that may use this
    information to annoy or injure any of us in some form or

With this said, it is Indy Owl's policy that Indy Owl, it's Directors
and/or employees will
 not sell any information, be it considered of
a  Personal or a Non-Personal nature, to anyone, at any time.
Further, Indy Owl, it's Directors and/or employees will
 not share
any information
with anyone outside the Indy Owl organization at
anytime and/or for any reason.

If you have any questions concerning any point that has been
covered or a point that may not have been covered  in this policy
do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. 'Contact Us'
forms are located near the bottom of each and every page.

Thank You... Indy Owl
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